The JAV-RDA-DN measures traditional degree of roast darkness. The JAV-RDA-DN views samples directly in a sample tray, avoiding the use and care of glass dishes. You can choose to run from the built in touch screen LCD display or from the optional PC network connection. The touch screen LCD display is the simplest human interface available: An incredibly easy to read, high contrast, and bright blue liquid crystal display, with touch screen operation. It could not be easier, simply touch the screen with a finger. Operating from the a computer, using the optional network software control (JAV-NET), allows the user to input several definable variables (operator, country of origin, roast, etc) and saves data in a comma separated value file with a time and date stamp for each sample. Other features include:

  • Sample Averaging. Ever notice non-uniformity in your beans? Averaging several samples may be a good idea. This feature allows averaging of up to 9 samples.
  • Four customizable calibration models. Many customers need to match existing systems, either in another part of their facility or at a customer or vendor lab. You can easily name, modify, and utilize four separate calibration models. This can be done manually by editing the slope and offset, or by using Roast Match™ to automate matching another instrument.
  • Battery monitor. It is important to keep battery backed memory with calibration data and results backed up while the power is off. This feature warns you to replace the battery before it is too late.
  • Fast Start. With built in temperature compensation, your instrument is ready to use just a few minutes after power up.